Live your own dream courtesy of Rekall in the new Total Recall interactive web experience

The original TOTAL RECALL made me wish there was an actual Rekall that would implant awesome memories, you know, without the violent spasms or need to murder a bunch of people and then pull a ball out of your nose. Ah, memories.

Well, the new TOTAL RECALL is making the memory implantation a reality via a viral site and a contest. If you visit Welcome To Rekall, there are nine choices you can make that will utilize your Facebook data (assuming you allow the site to access it) to create a presentation for your selected experience. It is a little goofy, but still cool. The contest is where the real reward is at.

Once you have completed your selected experience, you will have a chance to enter a contest with a prize specific to your Rekall choice.

 -   The Sports Anchor winner will spend the day at ESPN headquarters to get the full experience  of a day in studio, provided by ESPN

-       The Rock Star winner will hang with Green Day, attend a sound check and receive backstage access provided by Pandora

-       The Fashionista winner will meet Heidi Klum and her stylist in Los Angeles, sponsored by AOL

-       The Secret Agent winner will attend the Stiletto Spy School or the MI6 Academy, sponsored by Yahoo! Movies

-       The UFC Champion winner, sponsored by UFC, will train with pro fighters and sit octagonside with the trainer

-       The Celebrity winner will live like a celebrity in Los Angeles and attend a red carpet event, sponsored by Wonderwall

-       The DJ winner will receive DJ lessons from a high-profile DJ, sponsored by Complex

-       The Video Gamer winner will travel to Microsoft headquarters to meet a game developer and receive the chance to battle it out with a pro, sponsored by Microsoft

-       And the Millionaire winner will receive 1,000,000 Sony Rewards points, sponsored by Sony Rewards.  With Sony Rewards, members can get rewarded for doing the things they already love – like going to the movies, playing games, sharing and more. The points can be used to redeem for the latest Sony electronics, movies, music and games – and even once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Pretty damn cool! In addition to these prizes, there will be a Rekall booth at Comic Con where visitors will get a photo badge of their actual Rekall experience. Looks like Sony is pulling out all the stops for this one.

TOTAL RECALL opens in theaters August 3rd.

Extra Tidbit: I chose Secret Agent for my Rekall experience. I caught the double agent. I am so awesome.



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