Lizzy Caplan, Ron Livingston and Maynard James Keenan can be found in this trailer for Queens of Country

So I figured out where the above picture of Lizzy Caplan came from. That lovely bouffant will be seen in QUEENS OF COUNTRY.

I got to see this quirky trailer thanks to a good friend via facebook. The big draw for me was seeing Maynard James Keenan. Ya know? Band leader of Tool, A Perfect Circle, wine maker... Here he comes off a lot like Alan Cumming. No, that's not a complaint. The film is about a simple country girl who finds a mystery ipod that could lead her to her soulmate. Ron Livingston plays her sort of boyfriend who apparently enjoys a little bondage. BLOOD INTO WINE director's Ryan Page and Christopher Pomerenke are the helmers on this one.

Check out the trailer below.

"Living in a fantasy era long gone and obsessed with old time country stars, the prettiest girl in a small Arizona town finds a lost iPod filled with songs that speak to her sensitive heart. Jolene Gillis is convinced the owner is her soul mate and she is thrust into a sexy, heartwarming and hilarious adventure of mistaken identities, ATVs, line dancing competitions, kidnappers, time machines and doppelgangers."

Extra Tidbit: I met Maynard and was rendered speechless as soon as I laid eyes on him. Don't do this.
Source: Facebook



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