Logan brings in $9.5 million from Thursday's screenings

Logan banner

There's been a lot of talk about James Mangold's LOGAN and what a fitting swan song it is for Hugh Jackman, but the time has now come for audiences to put their money where their mouth is. Fans have been craving some R-rated Wolverine action for a while now and Logan delivers that and then some! If the following news is any indication, it looks like the masses agree!

Deadline is reporting that LOGAN brought in $9.5 million from Thursday night screenings. That's the third-highest amount for an R-rated film, right behind THE HANGOVER PART II and DEADPOOL. Given the high ratings and last night's business, LOGAN is in a great position to bring in $70 million plus over this weekend.

This is actually great news for fans craving more adult-orientated material. DEADPOOL and LOGAN both represent very different comic book films for, not only their R-rating, but also their content. DEADPOOL sent a clear message to studios that audiences want something different, and if LOGAN continues that trend, we'll see more comic book films willing to tackle some serious subject matter. Sounds great! In the meantime, enjoy Hugh Jackman's last performance as Wolverine in LOGAN!

LOGAN is now in theaters.

Source: Deadline



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