Logan Marshall-Green is more than man or machine in Upgrade trailer

After his wife is killed during a brutal mugging which also leaves him paralyzed, Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) is approached by a billionaire inventor with an experimental cure which will "upgrade" his body. That upgrade consists of an artificial intelligence implant known as STEM, which will give Grey physical abilities far beyond anything he's experienced. Along with STEM, Grey sets out to claim vengeance against those who murdered his wife and left him for dead. At first glance, UPGRADE appears to be nothing more than a low-budget sci-fi revenge thriller, but at 1:10 in the recently released red-band trailer, I immediately got onboard with the movie. Logan Marshall-Green's hilarious yet horrified reaction as STEM takes control of his body in order to dispense bloody justice is just perfect, and things only get better from there with awesome action, bloody headshots, and a man with a gun implanted in his hand.

Written and directed by Leigh Whannell (INSIDIOUS) and produced by Jason Blum through his Blumhouse Tilt banner, UPGRADE will hit theaters on June 1, 2018.

Source: Blumhouse Tilt



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