Loki gets cast

Tom Hiddleston That Nikki Finke of "Deadline Hollywood Daily" is a goddamn scoop machine. Over the weekend, she dropped the bomb that little known Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who was just starting to gain some Hollywood traction playing Kirk's dad in the recently revamped STAR TREK, has been cast as Mjolnir-wielding thunder god Thor in Marvel's upcoming adaptation and now she's updated the story to drop another bomb that even lesser known British actor Tom Hiddleston - that grinning sumbitch you see to the right - has been cast as Thor's nemesis Loki. So who the hell is Tom Hiddleston? Well, he played Winston Churchill's son in HBO's THE GATHERING STORM and, well, that's just about his most high profile gig to date. Apparently, Josh Hartnett was being seriously considered for the role but Kenneth Branagh, who's directing, and Marvel decided to go with an unknown. Hemsworth and Hiddleston will duke it out on screen May 20th, 2011.

Extra Tidbit: You guys think going the unknown route with casting is a good move?
Source: DHD



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