Loki wears Cap's costume in this deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World

We have all learned about Tom Hiddleston's great ability to impersonate his co-stars and other famous folks has made the rounds on this site and many others since the actor skyrocketed to fame as the trickster Loki in Marvel's THE AVENGERS and the THOR films. Rumors have abounded that he may even get his own standalone film someday, but for now it looks like THOR: THE DARK WORLD will be Loki's final appearance for the foreseeable future.

With THOR: THE DARK WORLD hitting Blu-ray soon, Empire has revealed a brief deleted scene that features Hiddleston as Loki using his shapeshifting abilities to tease Thor. While other actors stand in for him in the first two shifts, it is the third that takes the cake. We get to see Hiddleston in the full Captain America regalia, including his shield, while delivering a nice Chris Evans impression. The humor is lost on Thor, but we all get to enjoy a good chuckle.

Going into THE AVENGERS, I didn't see how Loki would be much of a bad guy, but I think his role in the THOR movies showcases Hiddleston's talents as the perfect instigator and potential anti-hero. Here's hoping we get more moments like this in the future.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD hits Blu-ray on February 25, 2014.

Source: Empire



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