Long talks Die Hard

It appears that there is salvation at the end of the LIVE FREE tunnel. Amongst a whole host of other things, Justin Long (DODGEBALL) has confirmed that for the upcoming unrated DVD version of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, Willis "threw in a ton of F-bombs." I'd rather see Willis repeatedly yell "f*ck" on the big-screen, sure, but as we know that's out of the question. At least this is something.

This revelation comes from a sweet little interview Collider snagged with Long, wherein they discuss LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, the PG-13 rating of death, and the fact that nobody is happy that he's involved in the movie. Like Willis, he agrees that you "don't miss much" (language-wise) with the PG rating, although it's hard to tell if this is just propaganda at this point; I still think that any dialogue is better with flagrant usage of the word f*ck, especially when in an action movie. I mean, in this flick a terrorist kidnaps (an already grouchy) John McClane's daughter, are you trying to tell me he wouldn't be cursing to high heaven? Well, I guess we'll see how it is soon enough. Click HERE for the full interview.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently Long has been noted for his resemblance to Tim Allen. I don't see it.
Source: Collider



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