Look upon him with lust and fury! Jason Momoa as Conan

Our bros over at Latino Review got a heads up on a first look of Jason Momoa as Conan.

While they are a tad blurry, it does give some sort of idea of what the the young Conan will look like. There's not much to expect costume wise when it comes to a guy rocking a leather loincloth. What I can say is, I'm glad he doesn't need a wig. His own beautiful locks are naturally his own. I'm also not really digging the armored sleeve. Does it work for you?

It'd be cool to see what they do with Stephen Lange as Khalar Singh, or even some of the ladies of the cast, Rachel Nichols and Rose McGowan. Maybe also throw in a pic of Ron Perlman next time?

Check out Momoa and let us know if he does it for you.

While Rachel Nichols is also hot, I have always loved Rose.
Extra Tidbit: Who would have been your choice for Conan? Or are you looking forward to Momoa?
Source: Latino Review



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