Looks like 'Thor' will be taking the 'Spider-Man 4' release date

The rumor that SPIDER-MAN 4 was experiencing significant problems would seem to have credence.

According to Box Office Mojo, Marvel has just slid their Thunder God opus THOR into the release position once occupied by the web-slinger, May 6, 2011. THOR was originally scheduled for release on May 20th.

The Mojo also now lists Disney's PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES for THOR's previous date, which seems mighty optimistic for the Mouse -- THOR is getting ready to shoot (this week, according to Cinefools), but there doesn't seem to be any remotely concrete plan for PIRATES 4 at this point, except a title.

Marvel movie honcho Kevin Feige recently said this to Total Film about the hammer-wielding Asgardian: "To be honest the thing that I’m most excited about right now though, is the screen test we just finished for THOR. We’ve done some costume tests and watching the Asgardians walk onto the sound stage takes me back to that first time I saw the X-Men on the set all together in Toronto. Only it was unlike anything we’ve ever put on film before!"

Extra Tidbit: CAPTAIN AMERICA is supposed to arrive two months after THOR -- how about some news on that, Marvel?
Source: Box Office Mojo



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