Lord of the Rings extended cuts: There and back to theaters again

If you can't wait until December 2012 to see little hairy-footed adventurers and other Middle Earth denizens on the big screen, and your television isn't sufficient for the grandeur of the impending Blu-Ray releases, the LORD OF THE RINGS extended editions are hitting theaters soon.

AMC Theatres is presenting a Director's Cut Event of the trilogy, beginning with FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING on Tuesday, June 14th. Each of the other films will arrive a week later, which means that the ultra-lengthly RETURN OF THE KING edit will hit their screens on the same day the precious super-sized Blu-Ray box set goes on sale.

If you miss out on the theatrical event, at least you'll have the 15 discs worth of content to tide you over while Peter Jackson brings Bilbo Baggins' journey in THE HOBBITses to life in digital 3D 48 fps.

Extra Tidbit: Prefer the longer LOTR movies to the theatrical versions? Got any other favorite extended/director's cut you prefer over the original?
Source: The One Ring



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