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Why find new original Vampire stories to tell and cash in on the current genre craze when you've got a title ready for more exploitation? I'll tell you why: LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. That's why. BUT that darn thing apparently made lots of Direct-to-DVD cash, and Edgar Frog could still be a cool mofo given the right setting. So...

According to the folks of Bloody Disgusting, Warner Premiere is planning to try again with LOST BOYS 3: THE THIRST. Not the most original title, but, you know. A script has already been delivered by rookie scribe Evan Charnov, and now the thing's got itself a director in Dario Piana who previously handled the "8 Films to Die For" entry THE DEATHS OF IAN STONE. Good thing? Bad Thing?

The script calls for the return of both Frog brothers, Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander, although BD only confirms Feldman's official involvement as of yet.  The film's story would see a bottomed-out Edgar Frog hired by a Stephenie Meyer-like novelist to rescue her son from a powerful bloodsucker. No love for Corey Haim in there, not that I'll complain.

If handled well, and by that I mean balls to the walls and fun unlike TRIBE, I'm down for a Frog fest. Even better if he gets to violently stake a vampire that glows like diamonds in the sun. OR shirtless werewolves.

Extra Tidbit: THE TRIBE confirmed which Sutherland offspring inherited Daddy's acting genes...



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