Louie CK, millionaire

Louis CK has achieved the impossible- he's released a film on the internet and people have paid money for it.

Of course, it helps that he's perhaps the hottest comedian alive right now, coming off the success of his ground-breaking (feel like it's fair to use that term) show "Louie" and a couple of incredible stand-up shows. Rather than go to HBO for another special Louis decided to produce his own show out of pocket, directing, editing and releasing it himself, and so we have Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater. Louie CK took to his website to sell the show DRM-free for a mere five bucks, and while it went to torrent sites as expected the majority of people decided to pay for it.

200,000 people, at least. 12 days after release, this is what his paypal account looked like.

Unlike the majority of us who would just spend the money on themselves, he's decided to give a huge amout of it away- giving bonuses to the staff of "Louie" and a bunch of great charities. You can read his plans for the cash here. The man really doesn't have to explain what he's doing with his money- he earned it, after all- but he apparently has been so thrown off by this that it's made him a little uncomfortable. 

Anyway, congrats to Louie, and let's hope his dream of releasing further material (albums, videos, as well as tickets to his shows) comes true. 

Source: Louis CK



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