Louis Letterier circles Sony's shark thriller, In The Deep

There’s nothing like a good shark movie, but actually finding a good one in amongst the multitudes of shark flicks out there is a bit of a chore. You’ve got JAWS and…not a heck of a lot else. Deadline is reporting that NOW YOU SEE ME director Louis Leterrier is in talks to direct IN THE DEEP from a 2014 Black List script by Anthony Jaswinski. The script sparked a bidding war last year, so here's hoping it falls closer to JAWS than to SHARKNADO on the shark movie scale.

IN THE DEEP is being described as a mixture of 127 HOURS, JAWS, and GRAVITY. In it, a young woman finds herself stranded on a buoy while surfing on an isolated beach. Between her and the safety of the shore a mere 20 yards away lies a huge great white shark.

Producer Lynn Harris said that Louis' take on story goes to the very core of fear:

Louis’ take knocked us out and our intention is to elevate this above the genre, making terrifying but psychologically deep. It has the makings of incredible survival story, but it also goes to the very core of fear on every level. It is a really frightening movie.

I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to shark flicks (I do have a soft spot for DEEP BLUE SEA however) so I'm going to hold off heralding this as the next JAWS and just be cautiously optimistic instead. We haven’t heard much of Louis Leterrier’s next film, GRIMSBY, other than the news that it was pushed back to February 26, 2016 from its previous slot of July 31, 2015.

Which is your all-time favourite shark film?

Source: Deadline



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