Love will be predetermined when The One DNA drama series comes to Netflix

Have you ever wished that love could be simpler? What if there was a legit way to determine the identity of your one true love? Would you invite that algorithm into your life? Imagine the pressure that places on both you and your betrothed? Talk about pressure. Anyway, I'm sure that questions like this and many more will arise when Netflix presents THE ONE, a DNA drama series from writer-creator Howard Overman based on the sci-fi novel by John Marrs.

When the 10-episode love meets science series arrives, THE ONE is set five minutes in the future, in a world where a DNA test can find your perfect partner – the one person you’re genetically predisposed to fall passionately in love with. No matter how good your relationship, which one of us can honestly say we haven’t thought about whether there is someone better out there? What if a hair sample is all it takes to find them? The idea is simple, but the implications are explosive.

THE ONE will have Netflix subscribers questioning their own partners and choices courtesy of StudioCanal with production by Urban Myth Films. Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy will executive produce via Overman's banner.

So, would you take the test? Even for curiosities sake? Or, is simply exploring the option a breech of trust between you and your partner? Who is this other person that you're genetically predisposed to? What are they like? Would partnering with someone that was a precise match take away from the mysteries of love? After all, lasting relationship are built on trust, admittance of fault, and compromise. If you remove those elements, how do you grow as one? Perhaps THE ONE will answer some of these burning questions when it comes to Netflix down the road? I hope so.



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