Luc Besson is working on a huge new sci-fi project that will make The Fifth Element seem small

As a fan of the wacky, vibrant FIFTH ELEMENT, I've been itching for filmmaker Luc Besson to deliver more epic sci-fi, and it sounds like he's got big plans.

Not that he's been slacking -- Besson has been writing and producing countless action movies like TAKEN, THE TRANSPORTER series, DISTRICT 13, FROM PARIS WITH LOVE, and the upcoming space prison movie LOCKOUT, while also providing a new generation of directors to Hollywood. But I'd rather see something entirely by the guy who gave us LA FEMME NIKITA and LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL and Leeloo Multipass.

Besson has apparently been inspired by AVATAR -- both the success and the tech, which can now achieve anything his warped French mind conjures. "When I did THE FIFTH ELEMENT, I already had the technological tools that were a little outdated," Besson told me via this Google translation. "With the advent of digital technology, it is amazing what you can do. One can imagine anything, there will always technicians to follow you in your delusion."

Besson claims that his new project will be très très grande, like "THE FIFTH ELEMENT to the power of ten". He's currently designing creatures and plans to start pre-production next year, shoot in 2012 and 2013 and release the following year. Consider me there.

In case you forgot, Besson was once married to this:

Extra Tidbit: How could anyone not love a movie that has Tiny Lister as the President?



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