Luca Guadagnino wants Suspiria to be a "relentless," "disturbing" experience

Luca Guadagnino sure has a lot to live up to with his remake of SUSPIRIA, especially given that the original is one of the most notoriously gruesome and violent horror movies of the ‘70s – if not ever. But the CALL ME BY YOUR NAME director has an immense amount of love and respect for the original Dario Argento movie, and truly hopes his new take on the tale succeeds in f**king you up for life.

The director was speaking to THR about the project and what the original meant to him as a budding filmmaker. He wants to reinvent the iconic horror tale while doing the original justice, and he hopes that audiences leave the theater thinking they’ve just had one of the most unsettling experiences ever.

I hope that the movie comes across as a relentless experience that’s going to go deep into your skin all the way down into your spine. I want the movie to perform as the most disturbing experience you can have. The movie is about being immersed in a world of turmoil and uncompromising darkness.

The most recent trailer for the movie (above) started exploring some of the darker elements of the story, teasing the dark, demented witchcraft at the hands of Tilda Swinton and her coven. The flick looks incredibly brutal, and audiences at CinemaCon were treated to some R-rated footage that left many shaken to the core. Even Quentin Tarantino gave Guadagnino a big ol' hug after seeing the movie, which sounds like a good sign. 

Anyone afraid the new movie wouldn’t live up to the disturbing nature of the original can probably sleep soundly tonight knowing that probably won’t be the case (a bit weird that would make you sleep easily, but whatever). Though we haven’t gotten a taste of the gore, we got a glimpse at some gnarly business in that last trailer, which I believe is only a thimble-full of what we can expect in the full movie.

SUSPIRIA debuts at the Venice International Film Festival September 1 and is in theaters November 2.

Source: THR



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