Luck runs out for a group of rowdy teens in the Leprechaun Returns trailer

It looks like today is your lucky day, my friends. After a host of sequels, and a botched reboot in LEPRECHAUN ORIGINS, the gold hoarding hobgoblin is back for another madcap killing spree with the upcoming LEPRECHAUN RETURNS. Much like David Gordon Green's HALLOWEEN, Returns is meant to serve as a proper sequel to director Mark Jones' 1993 comedic horror hit LEPRECHAUN. Sadly, Warwick Davis, who played the malevolent trickster in the original film (as well as many of its sequels) will not be reprising the role for the upcoming film. This time out, the greedy green bastard will be played by Linen Porco, otherwise know as the character Smartmouth of the CHANNEL ZERO television program. As a SYFY exclusive, LEPRECHAUN RETURNS was directed by Steven Kostanski (THE VOID) from a script penned by Suzanne Keilly of ASH VS EVIL DEAD fame.

Here's the official synopsis for the LEPRECHAUN RETURNS:

When the sorority sisters of the Alpha Upsilon house decide to go green and use an old well as their water source, they unwittingly awaken a pint-sized, green-clad monster. The Leprechaun wants a pot of gold buried near the sorority house, but first, he must recover his powers with a killing spree — and only the girls of AU can stop him.

Leading the cast of would-be victims is Taylor Spreitler (GIRL ON THE EDGE, THE CONTRACTOR) as Lila, who will be joined by Pepi Sonuga (ASH VS EVIL DEAD, UNDER THE SILVER LAKE) as Katie, and Sai Bennett (TRAPPED KNIGHTFALL) as Rose. Reprising from the original franchise is actor Mark Holton (PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, THE NAKED GUN), who is set to reprise his role as Ozzie, a hapless survivor of the Leprechaun's rage. Emily Reid (END OF TERM, CURFEW) will also join the cast as Meredith, in addition to Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins (DOCTORS, THE ONE SHOW) as Matt, and Ben McGregor (YOUNG DRACULA, FRESH MEAT) as Andy.

Good grief, I feel really old right now. I can still recall the day my father took myself and a group of my closest friends to see the original LEPRECHAUN for my birthday. Back then, Warwick Davis' pint-sized savagery was something to be reckoned with. It should be interesting to see if Porco has what it takes to make the money-hungry menace rise from the ashes. Here's hoping for some creative kills and a whole lot of laughs.

LEPRECHAUN RETURNS is set to kill, kill, kill exclusively on SYFY come March 17, 2019.

Source: SYFY



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