Ludacris plays Game

When I threw up the poster for Gerard Butler sci-fi actioner GAME a couple of weeks ago, I thought the movie was in the can, and ready for its week in and out of theatres. But now comes news that my boy Luda(cris) has been cast in a role. I also found out that this move is being written and directed by CRANK duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Thank you DarkHorizons.com, for setting me straight.

In GAME (apparently that’s no longer the title) Butler plays Kable, the number 1-ranked warrior/athlete in a futuristic mind-controlling multiplayer online game called “Slayers”. Ludacris will join a resistance group called HUMANZ, headed by Allison Lohman (MATCHSTICK MEN). No word yet on whether this movie will be anything special, but if you judge it by that teaser poster, which you all should do, the chances are unlikely. As a fan of movies, I really want to be wrong, but in today’s day and age, how can you not be cynical?

Extra Tidbit: That picture of Ludacris was for the Simpsons' 400th episode.
Source: Dark Horizons



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