Luke Cage comes out of the shadows to get some justice in new trailer

If the Marvel universe needs anything at all, it’s LUKE CAGE. Though they have a bevy of content and characters, there’s none with as much raw attitude and grit as Cage. The streets of Harlem are dark and dangerous, and only he has the badassery to bring the justice. Oh, does he bring the justice…if it were laced with pain!

I don’t need to prove myself, because the new trailer proves my point better than words ever could. With a great soundtrack, stark drama and loads of action, LUKE CAGE looks to be the best Marvel TV series yet.

Still not convinced? Behold below!

It's one of those trailers that makes you feel like a badass just for watching it. I feel like I could go and be a vigilante myself, but the bad guys would probably break my glasses. I paid, like, $250 bucks for these.

LUKE CAGE debuts on Netflix on September 30.



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