Luke Wilson is also hopping on the Legally Blonde 3 bandwagon

This LEGALLY BLONDE 3 idea is really starting to gain some steam, isn't it?

Granted, it's still a few people talking and pontificating about the possibilities, but that's how these projects come together quickly. People start chatting, then fans start demanding and then the studio starts making. It's very grassroots in that regard, and feeds into the idea that movie studios are making what the audience desires.

After Reese Witherspoon recently commented on the idea of another LEGALLY BLONDE sequel, Luke Wilson is now joining the mix, telling James Corden why he'd be in favor of going back to the well at least one more time. It all goes back to how Bob Newhart once introduced his wife to Wilson.

Luke and I were in what was voted the worst movie of all time. I didn't know that. Apparently, it wasn't as highly thought of as the first one. ... That's why we need to do [a third film], to win everybody back.

There will be some quick to hate on LEGALLY BLONDE 2, but worst movie of all time? Those saying that really should watch more movies. There are plenty worse out there, I assure you.

LEGALLY BLONDE 3 doesn't exactly register on my scale of sequels we really need in the world, but if people who really loved the first film get behind this and want more, and there is a worthwhile story to tell, then why the hell not? There are once again worse ideas floating around out there in the world.



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