Mackenzie Davis is the latest to join cast of Blade Runner sequel

mackenzie davis,

Go ahead and add THE MARTIAN's Mackenzie Davis to the cast for Denis Villeneuve's yet-to-be-officially-titled BLADE RUNNER sequel that also stars Ryan GoslingRobin WrightDave BautistaAna de ArmasSylvia HoeksCarla Juri and, most importantly, a returning Harrison Ford

What role is she set to play? I don't know. 

While we're at it, what story is this movie even going to tell? I don't know.

Come to think of it, outside of those actually making the movie, no one knows anything of this movie, except that it's happening. Details have been kept under tight wraps with only the knowledge that Harrison Ford will be reprising his role of Rick Deckard at a time years in advance of Ridley Scott's original film. 

Villeneuve certainly has been assembling a strong cast on paper, but what that means for the film itself is anyone's guess. One would hope actors of this caliber would only sign on if the picture was of the highest quality... but thespians have to pay their bills, too. So it's wait and see, for sure... but at least a hopeful wait and see with the names on this call sheet.

BLADE RUNNER 2 (or whatever it turns out to be called) is set for a release date of October 6, 2017 with production set to commence next month.




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