Mad Max: Fury Road gets black-and-white release...just not here

Leave it to the Germans to ruin everything. Okay, I heard how bad that sounded once I said it. I mean, that’s probably too harsh on our European friends. But this time they’ve gone too far. And by "this time" I mean right now, and by "gone too far" I mean they will be getting a six-disc “High Octane” collection of the MAD MAX series, which is said to include the much-allured to black-and-white version of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Germany.

The scoop comes from the chaps at Empire who report via Amazon Germany the "pre-order link for the 6-disc ‘High Octane Collection’ is now available" adding that the:

surreal black-and-white version of Fury Road’ (which apparently has the same 120 minute running time as its theatrical counterpart) will appear alongside some previously unreleased documentaries and four hours of ‘new bonus material...

Lord only knows what lurks inside those four hours of bonus material and the other apocalyptic goodies but, again, only those in Germany will get to see. Germanyyyy.

Director George Miller hinted at a black-and-white version a while back, and many hoped it would be included on the normal Blu-ray release, possibly even a special addition. But nope, for some reason that seemed like too nice a favor to grant fans and Warner Bros. decided to knock us down a few pegs. Warner Bros.

Now, having a black-and-white version of a modern, insanity-fueled action movie may not sound like much fun to casual filmgoers. But those people are clearly wrong. Fans of the series and all things film have been clamoring for the rumored black-and-white FURY ROAD for like, a year. Even the casual notion of what it could possibly be like is, to be blunt, orgasmic. Hopefully us Americans, and the rest of the world, get to bask in the black-and-white awesomeness. Until then…Gerrrrmannnnyyyyyy.

Source: Empire Online



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