Mad Max lives?

Years ago, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was tearing ass along the asphalt... until the Iraq War put the brakes on the production.

Since then, director George Miller has (in between starting JUSTICE LEAGUE and HAPPY FEET 2) has mentioned the possibility of making the "sequel" of post-apocalyptic ex-lawman Mad Max Rockatansky as either a videogame or an animated project, thereby circumventing the need for Mel Gibson's return.

But there might still be some juice in the tank. According to Aussie Daily Telegraph, Miller is actively scouting locations for the project. And AICN hears that some of the vehicles originally constructed for FURY ROAD are being dusted off and revved up.

It remains to be seen (though doubtful) if original star Mel Gibson would return -- he's expressed a lack of desire to don the leathers again (after originally signing for a measly $25 million salary), and seems more interested in filmmaking, "serious" acting, promiscuity and general lunacy. Which raises the question: without Mel as the wasteland warrior, is there a point to doing a MAD MAX movie?

Extra Tidbit: Rumors years ago claimed that Gibson would reunite with his AIR AMERICA co-star Robert Downey Jr. for FURY ROAD. Today, that would be as incredible as it is unlikely.
Source: Daily Telegraph



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