Mad Men goes to the 1970s in the teaser for the series' final episodes

When MAD MEN returns in a couple of months, it will be the end of an era. With seven episodes to go, it now looks like the 1960s set drama will be making the leap into the 1970s. The new teaser features the Diana Ross song "Love Hangover" from 1976 while also showcasing multiple characters in strikingly different clothing styles.

Whether it is John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser with some serious sideburn action or Jessica Pare in a very groovy and sexy outfit, the show definitely looks like it will conclude outside of the era in which all the prior seasons were set.

MAD MEN remains one of the most impressive drama series of all time and was the show, along with BREAKING BAD, that made AMC the must see network on basic cable. I will be sad to see it go along with my weekly dose of Roger Sterling quotes and Christina Hendricks looking sexy as hell, but I just hope creator Matthew Weiner can end the show on as impressive a note as possible.

The second half of MAD MEN's final season begins April 5th.

Source: YouTube



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