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Due to the industry I'm currently working in, I consider myself to be up on nearly all future movie projects, but this one has slipped past me until just now. Top Cow comic MAGDALENA is getting its own feature film adaptation, and while normally I wouldn't care about a big screen version of a comic I’ve never heard of, my ears perked up when I heard MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN director, Ryuhei Kitamura, is on board.

The story follows a descendent of Mary Magdalene who fights demons and criminals and atheists using supernatural powers. STEP UP’s Jenna Dewan is on board to star as Patience, alongside HELLBOY II's Luke Goss who plays her mentor, Kristoff, and Holly Brix is writing the screenplay. MTV recently sat down with Brix and got some more info about the project.

On DAVINCI CODE meets WANTED analogies:

"It's definitely a supernatural action movie, so I think 'DaVinci Code' is a good reference as far as all the Catholicism in it. But in addition to that story, it's also a really straightforward action movie…There's not a lot of secret codes to unlock and that sort of thing."

On female action stars not usually finding a large audience:

"The movie's never really been a female action movie, because of Kristof. It's more of a two-hander. He's a huge character in it. He's definitely her mentor and fights right alongside her and teaches her everything she knows….They go the whole movie together. He doesn't drop out somewhere along the way."

Head over to MTV for the full thing, and watch their embedded video which will have you standing up and cheering for this project due to the unexpectedly extreme hotness of Jenna Dewan.

Extra Tidbit: Holly Brix wrote THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 3: REVELATIONS, which yes, does exist.
Source: MTV



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