Magnolia Pictures looking to pick up wacky rap documentary with Joaquin Phoenix

When it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix lost his marbles and grew a crazy hobo beard for a rap documentary directed by Casey Affleck, I've been waiting for said documentary.

Affleck now has a studio interested in picking up the film. Magnolia Pictures are currently in talks to distribute the documentary.

The film apparently had a massive effect on those from the studio who saw it during a lunchtime screening at WME Entertainment last month. Apparently the crazy shit that went on during the documentary won them over. Scenes like Phoenix snorting what looked like coke off the boob of a prostitute. Amongst other things like lots of full frontal male nudity, an oral sex scene, ordering call girls, being abusive to assistants, and someone pooping on Phoenix while passed out. Yikes.

Sounds like it might out do anything Sacha Baron Cohen would ever plan, but might be on the same self-indulgent level as Vincent Gallo's BROWN BUNNY. However, with Casey Affleck as the helmer, I just can't see it being as bad as it sounds.

I guess this thing will continue to remain a mystery until the documentary (more like mockumentary) comes out.

Extra Tidbit: Is this something you will check out? Oh, and remember his David Letterman appearance or his infamous "rap concert" in L.A.?
Source: DeadlineNY Vulture



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