Make no mistake... The dead are coming in new Game of Thrones trailer

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There have been some pretty insane and jaw-dropping moments that have taken place over the previous five seasons of GAME OF THRONES. Be it Ned Stark or the Red Wedding or Jon Snow, one thing after another has led us to accept the fact that anything can happen in Westeros, and the fact that we often never see it coming makes it that much more impactful. 

But, up to this point, there have been viewers of the show who have known the different paths the show would take, given their familiarity with the George R.R. Martin's novels. And so they've had an idea of what to expect, having already come to terms with what happened through the written word. As we head into Season Six though, all bets are off. We're totally off script, and there is no telling what could possibly take place in a world where anything could possibly take place. 

I get the feeling that Season Six of HBO's series is going to be the wildest we've seen yet, and that's saying something when you look back at all we've experienced with characters that have come and gone as well as those who have managed to survive this far. The latest trailer from HBO for what's to come appears to back me up on that assertion. We're in for one crazy ride when Season Six of HBO premieres on April 24. I just know it.


Source: HBO



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