Make your own DC Short

Screenshot from the DCU Online game

Here's something that might help me appreciate Facebook a little more, or just force me to endure it if I'm to get in on the fun: the social networking thingie will be the platform for a new contest giving us the chance to make our own little DC animated short film. VERY short film, but still...

Sony and DC are prepping a DC Universe Online game for next year, and the folks of Mass Animation who are handling the graphics will use Facebook to make "digital models" available for download. Then we'll need to use a special edition of something called Autodesk's Maya 3D and make our own little footage of DC heroes duking it out.

Footage will then be submitted online for everyone else to vote on (or trash, depending...) and the winning entry will be included in the game's 90-second trailer. Contest runs from December 17 to early February, and no I don't have the link for it. The folks from Variety didn't see fit to mention it, and I got tired of looking for it after 5 completely unrelated Google search results... But hey, if you find it, put it down there!

Extra Tidbit: What if the winning entry is something DC REALLY won't go for? Like Batman on Robin action???
Source: Variety



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