Making-of The Room comedy The Disaster Artist heading to New Line

THE ROOM is arguably in the conversation for "Worst Movie Ever Made" by everyone who has seen it. However, that hasn't tstopped the film from developing a cult following over the years, particularly when viewed in a community setting where the audience fully gets what it is they're watching. They're not looking to see a quality film, but they are looking to have a good time watching something horrible.

The movie has taken on a life of its own, and now we're going to see how THE ROOM was made, courtesy of the Franco brothers and Seth Rogen. New Line is in negotiations to secure the rights to THE DISASTER ARTIST, which would see James Franco directing and starring as THE ROOM filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. His brother Dave would play Greg Sestero, who co-starred in Wiseau's film.

As for Rogen, he would serve as one of the film's producers, along with Evan Goldberg and Good Universe.

Source: Variety



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