Man of Steel's teaser runtime is revealed as Zach Snyder and Hans Zimmer speak a bit on casting and composing

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It's been a pretty obvious supposition from day one, but MAN OF STEEL is going to have a teaser in front of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. How do I know this? 1) It'd be the most sensible advertising move imaginable, 2) see number one, and 3) The Alberta Film Ratings Board now has MAN OF STEEL listed on its website, and the only film coming up that (again) makes any sense to have a MAN OF STEEL trailer in front of it is THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. So look for a whole 1 minute and 27 seconds of Superman when you settle into that comfortable $14.75 chair next weekend. 

Zack Snyder stopped in at the Art Center of College of Design (his old school) to give a talk about the course of his career, and in the process revealed this about the casting process for MAN OF STEEL: "We had about 500 guys initially. We did this massive auditioning madness. It got down to the usual suspects in a pretty quick order. Henry Cavill was actually the first one we physically tested on film. We actually tested him in the Christopher Reeve Superman suit. And that was a big deal. That’s a hard suit to pull off. Trust me. If you’re just standing there in that suit, it’s dodgy. It felt like we just bought it a costume shop. Plus, there’s no mask. I’ve been around a few superhero costumes, and it’s weird because when you’re in the Superman costume it’s just you from the neck up. And somebody just combed your hair. But Henry came out of the trailer when we were shooting a test and everybody thought Okay, that’s Superman. He was awesome and did a great job."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, Hans Zimmer shared this tidbit about what it's like to work on the score for MAN OF STEEL after John Williams' incredible, and indeed inimitable, work on the original SUPERMAN:"'I don’t feel confident at all. I never feel confident. But, a little bit of fear has gone a long way to being inspiring in the past. John Williams is the master and I am not even going to try and go in that direction. I’ll try my best not to embarrass myself and my colleagues on the film. I’m definitely going to have a go! In a funny way, it’s exactly because Superman is such an opposite character to Batman that I am welcoming the opportunity to do the music... I’ve started it and am in the ideas phase. I am driving people crazy with my experiments and am trying to write a tune.' The one thing Zimmer will say is that his signature use of percussion – which he jokingly refers to as “his endless quest for the perfect drum-hit” will not be as prevalent in MAN OF STEEL as on his Batman scores. 'I am going to try and avoid it. It’s a big conversation I am having with myself right now: how can we avoid that…!!'"

And while we're on the subject of MAN OF STEEL, make sure to stay tuned for more details from our crew at the Con on this site!

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Extra Tidbit: A few other trailers classified around the same time as MAN OF STEEL include OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (PG, 1:47), THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS (PG13, 2:09), and another trailer for THE EXPENDABLES 2 (PG, 1:01).



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