Mandy Moore battles a shark in trailer for 47 Meters Down

Despite the fact that more people die per year by having refrigerators fall on them than getting eaten by sharks, there's just something about them that stays in our psyche. I mean, it might be their cold black eyes and rows of sharp teeth, but who can really know? Hell, I remember being scared to go in a swimming pool when I was a kid, and I hadn't even seen JAWS yet! That's how primordial our fear is.

So it makes sense that filmmakers have capitalized on that fear. There was JAWS, DEEP BLUE SEA, SHARKNADO, THE SHALLOWS, and the upcoming Jason Statham action movie MEG. And now can now also add the new Mandy Moore thriller 47 METERS DOWN to that list. Let's take a look, shall we?

Actually looks surprisingly decent. While I'm kind of sick of sharks as movie baddies, this one at least has an interesting take on the story (being stuck underwater, rather than inside a boat or research facility). I mean, that shit is nightmare fuel, for sure. My only fear is that it'll get repetitive at some point of getting chased, barely escaping, rinse/repeat. Let's just hope this is more THE DESCENT and less OPEN WATER.

And here's the official synopsis:

On the rebound after a devastating break-up, Lisa (Mandy Moore) is ready for adventure while on vacation in Mexico. Even still, she needs a little extra persuasion when her daring sister Kate (Claire Holt) suggests they go shark diving with some locals. Once underwater in a protective cage, Lisa and Kate catch a once in a lifetime, face-to-face look at majestic Great Whites. But when their worst fears are realized and the cage breaks away from their boat, they find themselves plummeting to the bottom of the seabed, too deep to radio for help without making themselves vulnerable to the savage sharks, their oxygen supplies rapidly dwindling. 47 METERS DOWN is a terrifying tale of survival set in the domain of the ocean's fiercest creatures.

Meanwhile, 47 METERS DOWN will splash into theaters June 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: We should make a horror movie out of refrigerators falling on people.
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