Margot Robbie discusses Harley Quinn's accent in Suicide Squad

With SUICIDE SQUAD comprised of a crew of very distinct characters and personalities, we as fans are left to wonder what version of each DC Comics villain will be featured on screen in David Ayer's film. Some, like The Joker and Amanda Waller, have recently been portrayed both in films and on DC's television series ARROW and THE FLASH but the film versions are set to be their own unique take on the parts. One character who has always been potrayed in the comics in a consistent manner has been Harley Quinn.

Superhero Hype caught up with actress Margot Robbie to ask what she will bring to the character of Harley Quinn, namely in regards to the character's accent. Robbie, an Australian, has already shown a range of accents in movies like THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and FOCUS, so what does she have in mind for Harleen Quinzel?

“None of those things have been set in stone at this point, but according to the comics, she’s from New York and I think Brooklyn, so there may be a slight… I couldn’t imagine it would be as strong as THE WOLF OF WALL STREET accent,” she said. “The lingo will be the difference between that and the other character I played in ‘Wolf’ but I don’t know yet. We haven’t spoken about it.”

As soon as Robbie's casting was announced, I immediately thought of her part in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET as perfectly trashy for Harley Quinn. I think a blend of that with a little more malice behind it and Robbie will be well on her way to locking down her part. Now, the question is whether the character will get an updated/more realistic wardrobe rather than pigtails and bustiers. I certainly hope not.

SUICIDE SQUAD also stars Will Smith, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Cara Delevinge, and Viola Davis. It hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: Superhero Hype



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