Mariah and Sandler?

The whole "acting" thing didn't exactly go over so well for Mariah Carey. Her first starring role, GLITTER, was the very picture of a vanity project gone terribly wrong. It was nominated for six Razzie Awards and not entirely helped by being released just 10 days after 9/11. Carey though is looking to get back into film and has found a rather unlikely partner - Adam Sandler. JoBlo.com can confirm that Carey will co-star with Sandler in his upcoming comedy YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN playing herself (don't want to stretch those acting chops too far). In the film, Sandler will play a Mossad agent who runs off to America to be a hairdresser shaming his parents. Carey, as herself, will run afoul of Zohan's former nemesis, The Phantom, launching Zohan and pals back into action. Dennis Dugan, who just worked with Sandler on I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY, will direct the film starting July in New York, Los Angeles and Israel.

Extra Tidbit: Sandler wrote the ZOHAN script with Judd Apatow and Robert Smigel ("Triumph the Insult Comic Dog").
Source: JoBlo.com



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