Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy tease 'Hush' and 'A Death in the Family' movies

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For a lot of comic book fans, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will forever represent the definitive Batman and Joker. The two have been delivering terrific performances with these characters time and time again, and while their latest animated venture, THE KILLING JOKE, proved underwhelming (check out our Blu-ray review HERE), the two show no signs of slowing down!

ScreenGeek.net was on-hand at Canada’s 2016 Fan Expo and while Conroy and Hamill talked up the usual fare, they also teased audiences on possibilities to come. The two shared this brief exchange when asked where they would like to go next, and as you can imagine, it was met with tons of enthusiasm!

Kevin Conroy: What do you think about doing ‘Hush’?”

Mark Hamill: What do you think about doing ‘A Death In The Family’?

Granted, Conroy and Hamill aren't exactly calling the shots as far as what animated fare is being produced, but THE KILLING JOKE actually brought in some decent numbers and the duo seem more than comfortable about returning to these personas. I think it's safe to say that we haven't seen the last Batman animated feature with these two. The question is, "Which story will be adapted next?"

Batman Robin A Death in the Family

Source: ScreenGeek



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