Mark Romanek may direct Casey Affleck in serial killer movie Boston Strangler

Mark Romanek, director of ONE HOUR PHOTO and NEVER LET ME GO, is currently in talks to helm Casey Affleck's long in development movie about the serial killings attributed to The Boston Strangler. Affleck will star in the film and also produce. If Romanek comes aboard this would be his first film in four years. The tone of the film is being compared to David Fincher's SEVEN and ZODIAC and would fit with Romanek's style.

BOSTON STRANGLER will follow a detective investigating the multiple murders that were eventually linked to Albert DeSalvo. In recent years there has been some disagreement over that but it is unknown if the film will delve into alternate theories as to who committed the crimes. Chuck MacLean wrote the original draft of BOSTON STRANGLER and it is unknown if there will be rewrites before it finally hits the screen.

Romanek has been linked to several high profile films including THE LOST SYMBOL, a film continuing the Robert Langdon franchise starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard. He was also the original director for THE WOLFMAN before it was taken over by Joe Johnston. NEVER LET ME GO was a phenomenal film and shares a lot of visual similarities with David Fincher. I think BOSTON STRANGLER would be an ideal fit for Romanek.

BOSTON STRANGLER currently has no production or release date, but stay tuned for more.

Source: Variety



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