Mark Ruffalo says The Avengers isn't shooting in 3D

Mark Ruffalo took to his exceptionally active Twitter page to answer a few fan questions about THE AVENGERS, and while most were along the lines of "I've got big shoes to fill as Bruce Banner" and "the shoot is going TITS" there was one bit of notable information in there.

“Avengers is not being shot in 3D.”

Now, this doesn't meant that it won't be 3D as THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA were/are both post-converted to the format. It is rather strange when you think about how far out THE AVENGERS is, not hitting theaters until 2012, that they wouldn't adopt the superior format of shooting it in 3D to begin with, but perhaps it's an indicator that studios are becoming wary of the fad once perceived as a cash cow.

3D ticket sales numbers are making up an increasingly lower percentage of totals lately, as consumers decide the surcharge simply isn't worth the extra cost. Any article about 3D will yield far more rants about the format than praise for it, including this one I'm guessing.

If they're skipping shooting in 3D, should they even try to upconvert? There are arguments both ways. Yes 3D ticket sales are lower than they used to be, but the last superhero feature to debut without it, FIRST CLASS, underperformed a bit despite a flood of positive reviews. THOR has far outpaced it despite similar (even lesser) reviews and an unknown star and hero. Coincidence? Or did the lack of the format hurt FIRST CLASS's totals?

Extra Tidbit: This weekend's GREEN LANTERN was not shot in 3D either.
Source: Twitter



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