Mark Ruffalo talks about channeling the Hulk for The Avengers

A concern among fans is how Mark Ruffalo is going to fit as the Hulk in THE AVENGERS. Many are partial to Edward Norton who did a damn find job playing the role in 2008's THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

So far all we have gotten from Ruffalo is a few comments here and there and EW decided to get into the subject once more. Check out the interview below.

Ew: The Avengers started this week. When do you show up for filming?

Ruffalo: I actually start the day [Sympathy For Delicious] opens.

EW: What preparations have you been doing up until now?

Ruffalo: I’ve been working with [director/co-writer] Joss Whedon quite a bit on developing it, my portion of it. I’ll be working with Robert Downey, and I’m already doing the motion capture stuff. I’m excited.

EW: So you are performing both parts of the Hulk, the human and the digital monster?

Ruffalo: Yeah, I’m the first actor to do both. It’s really cool. I was surprised by how well my theater training played into the motion capture thing, because it’s all your imagination. When he moves across the ground, I want him using all fours, using his arms as much as his legs to move from here to there. I’d like to capture some of the primitive aspect of him.

EW: Do you see him as a kind of hunched, gorilla-type?

Ruffalo: Not so much hunched, but the low center of gravity, and the flailing of the arms sometimes.

EW: I assume you’ve seen concept art of how he’ll turn out. What does he look like?

Ruffalo: He looks just like me, but bloated and green. And big! He looks like me 40 pounds ago. [Laughs]

EW: You are luckiest of The Avengers. You could hang out and eat ice cream all day, while they all have to pump iron to stay muscular.

It’s not a bad deal! The more of a difference there is between Mark and the Hulk, the happier everyone seems to be. I was like, ‘So do you want me to get ripped up?’ And they went, ‘No, no, no, no, no, no! Nice and trim. We want you nice and trim.’ They said, ‘We want you to look good with your shirt off, but we don’t want you strapped.’ I can live with that. And so can my wife!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone here up for giving Ruffalo a chance?
Source: EW



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