Mark Wahlberg starring with Justin Bieber in upcoming movie. Wait, WHAT?

As a former teen pop singer and "Tiger Beat" cover boy himself, Mark Wahlberg could probably serve as some kind of inspiration to Justin Bieber, who looks to segue into acting once his singing career is over. But the two starring together in a movie? It may sound too ridiculous to be true but Wahlberg himself scooped the news.

Speaking at the Time 100 Gala in New York City (celebrating the magazines "100 Most Influential" list), Wahlberg said, "Justin Bieber and I are going to do a movie together...We’re doing it at Paramount. We pitched them the idea and, you know, we’re talking about doing it. He loves the idea....I think he’s really talented."

Wahlberg, who once said Bieber was the "white Tupac," has some new found clout at Paramount after his FIGHTER was nominated for a slew of Academy Awards and Bieber does as well with his NEVER SAY NEVER documentary bringing in some serious coin for the studio.

So what could this Wahlberg/Bieber team-up entail? Wahlberg says it's a drama and "kind of like a reluctant mentor in an inner-city environment." Oh so that movie we've seen 100 times before? And are we supposed to believe that Bieber is one of the tough inner-city kids? Although if he was some crazy killer on "CSI" anything is possible.

Source: Vulture



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