Mark Wahlberg will become The Six Billion Dollar Man for the 2017 holidays

You don't even have to ask for Steve Austin under your tree for the 2017 holidays. TWC-Dimension read your mind, and they're looking that far in advance to give it to you anyway, leaving plenty of room on your letter to Santa for other toys and goodies that hadn't made the cut yet.

THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN, a new riff on the classic TV series THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, has been dated with a December 22, 2017 release, stuffing Mark Wahlberg into your stocking in time for the holidays. And, if you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or something else around that time of the year, happy holidays to you, too... You're getting some Steve Austin.

Directed by Damian Szifron (WILD TALES), THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN will take the bionic transition of Steve Austin to the big screen, modernizing him with the latest technological advances to create a truly extraordinary individual. September 2016 is when the film is looking to head into production, so there's still a long road to cast the film around Wahlberg. But this announcement cements the movie as actually happening, so, if you were looking forward to it, congrats. It's the real deal now.

Source: TWC-Dimension



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