Martin Campbell in talks to direct Jackie Chan in Taken-style thriller

Jackie Chan is once again going to try and hit it big in North America with a new film tentatively titled THE FOREIGNER. Last we heard, THE FOREIGNER was going to be directed by Nick Cassavetes who no longer appears to be attached to the project. Instead, CASINO ROYALE and GOLDENEYE director Martin Campbell is in talks to helm the revenge thriller.

The STX Entertainment thriller has a very TAKEN-esque plot that has Chan playing "a restaurant owner in London’s Chinatown who is tracking down a group of Irish terrorists responsible for the death of his daughter." The movie is set to go into production this October. No further plot details or cast have been revealed at this point. STX Entertainment is a newly formed production company with financial backing from Chinese investors. Breaking into the Asian market appears to be a big step for a lot of burgeoning companies and having a celebrity of Chan's stature could make this a more profitable venture for all involved.

Jackie Chan's Hollywood career has had lots of peaks and valleys. From his cult fame in the 1980s thank to films like DRUNKER MASTER to his mainstream success in the 1990s with RUMBLE IN THE BRONX through the RUSH HOUR trilogy, Chan has had a big career but nothing that rivals his hits in China. Most recently, Chan has been lending his voice to the KUNG FU PANDA films while also appearing in THE KARATE KID reboot. THE FOREIGNER pairing of Chan and Campbell could make for an intriguing film to watch, especially since it seems more serious than what Chan is associated with in this country.

Source: Deadline



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