Martin Scorcese's The King of Comedy is becoming a Broadway musical

Martin Scorsese is one of the most revered filmmakers of all time and the vast majority of his movies are considered classics or important works of cinema. While a remake of GOODFELLAS or TAXI DRIVER would be sacrilegious, that doesn't mean they cannot be adapted as other formats such as the stage which is where the 1983 dark comedy THE KING OF COMEDY is headed.

THE KING OF COMEDY stars Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis in a story of a delusional man, Rupert Pupkin, who kidnaps his idol, a late night host, and forces him into giving him his big break in the industry. It is one of Scorcese's biggest failures at the box office but has gone on to be one of his most highly regarded films. It also ranks as Scorcese's only comedy (Update: I forgot about AFTER HOURS. Thanks, HoyleHaw!).

Not only will THE KING OF COMEDY be a stage production but it will be a musical. The music will be composed by HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH's Stephen Trask while the script will be adapted by ROCK OF AGES' Chris D'Arienzo. Broadway musicals typically have a long road to the stage but a project like this could get a lot of attention as it develops. There is no word on whether or not Martin Scorsese will have any direct input on the musical.

As a Scorsese fan, I do not have any issue with this production. THE KING OF COMEDY is one of my favorite films from the director but a stage musical wouldn't belittle the legacy of that movie. If anything, the stage musical may ignite more interest in the cult classic and bring more fans to one of Scorsese's less recognized movies.

There are no tentative dates as to when THE KING OF COMEDY will be ready, but expect it to take a while before we hear any news.

Source: Variety



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