Martin Scorsese to direct documentary on Bill Clinton for HBO

HBO has announced via Twitter that Martin Scorsese will be doing a documentary on William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. The doc will cover the former president's dual terms in office and his work in politics after. This will be the second HBO documentary that Scorsese has done. The first being GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD which was released in October of last year.

This is what Scorsese had to say about the project, "A towering figure who remains a major voice in world issues, President Clinton continues to shape the political dialogue both here and around the world. Through intimate conversations, I hope to provide greater insight into this transcendent figure."

Clinton also chimed in, "I am pleased that legendary director Martin Scorsese and HBO have agreed to do this film. I look forward to sharing my perspective on my years as President, and my work in the years since, with HBO’s audience."

If you are wondering if any detailed coverage of Clinton's affairs would be included, it's too early to tell. While the whole film should not significantly highlight that, I hope that it digs deeper. I'd like to hear some updated thoughts on that as well as some other significant topics (Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Black Hawk Down) that came up during his term.

Source: Twitter/Film



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