Martin Starr and Ron Perlman co-star in comedy The Escape of Prisoner 614

So apparently Martin Starr (SILICON VALLEY) and Ron Perlman (HELLBOY) will be co-starring together in a new period comedy in the vein of the Coen Brothers (according to the proceeding plot synopsis) about race relations in the '60s called THE ESCAPE OF PRISONER 614. Anyway, here's the aforementioned official synopsis:

Set in the 1960s and influenced equally by offbeat Coen Brothers comedies and classic John Ford westerns, The Escape of Prisoner 614 follows Deputy Jim (Martin Starr) and Deputy Thurman (Jake McDorman), two well-intentioned but bumbling Sheriff’s Deputies who after being fired by their overbearing Sheriff (Ron Perlman), decide to go after an escaped prisoner (George Sample III) in hopes of getting back their jobs. But when they realize that the supposed murderer they have hunted down is an innocent victim of a racist judicial system, they face a moral dilemma -- return the prisoner and be hailed as heroes, or act on their principles in pursuit of true justice.

This actually sounds pretty interesting! Here's what Perlman had to say about the project:

I fell in love with this project the moment I read Zach’s script. It’s smart and funny, but it also explores weighty issues regarding race and criminal justice that could not be more timely.

Well if Hellboy is sold, so am I. And yes I'm aware he's been in some garbage, but it seems he's not in this one for an extra pool since he's also executive producing it, so I'm still down!

Meanwhile, no official release for when THE ESCAPE OF PRISONER 614 will make a run for it, but we'll keep you updated.

Extra Tidbit: I agree that the new Hellboy looks quite a bit like Ron Perlman...but I don't see that as a bad thing. Ron Perlman rules!



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