Marton Csokas to take on Denzel Washington in Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer

The last time I saw Marton Csokas was 2011s THE DEBT. The last thing you might have seen him in was ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER unless you saw PAWN. The only beef I have with him is 2005s AEON FLUX. To be fair, that was a hell of a thing to adapt to the big screen and while the animated series is one of my favorites it just was not destined for life beyond MTV'S LIQUID TELEVISION. But my beef lies in the fact that he was in no way, shape or form Trevor Goodchild. If anything, he should have swapped parts with Jonny Lee Miller.

All that aside, Csokas is great and I am glad that he's nabbed the villain role in the adaptation of 1980s THE EQUALIZER. The show centered on Robert McCall as a retired intelligence officer who helps the powerless. The film version from Antoine Fuqua will star Denzel Washington who is, "living a quiet life while working at a Home Depot, when one act of kindness toward a prostitute (Chloe Moretz) gets him embroiled with the Russian mob. Csokas will play the movie's heavy, a vicious fixer for the Russians."

Right now, Csokas is filming THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and just wrapped on SIN CITY 2: A DAME TO KILL FOR.

THE EQUALIZER will shoot in Boston sometime this Summer.

Source: THR



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