Marvel and Sony cannot agree on which actor should play the new Spider-man

The relationship between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios is already hitting the rocks in regards to the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot. With CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR already in production, the two studios have yet to agree on who should play the role of Peter Parker. After Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the decision has been made to go much younger but that is about all we know for sure.

Stories have been floating that the shortlist has been set with Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Charlie Plummer, and Matthew Lintz with the latest rumors coming from Jeff Sneider on Meet the Movie Press having Butterfield out of the running entirely for the role. He also claims that while Marvel Studios prefers Charlie Plummer, Sony Pictures prefers Tom Holland. Despite Sony financially paying for the film, Marvel has a lot of input in the final decision thanks to their new partnership.

Ultimately, the decision may come down to age. One of the reasons we often see older actors play teenagers is because of the laws surrounding how many hours a child can work on a movie set. With Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, this was a non-factor, but if the studios really want to go with a younger hero, they have to abide by the labor laws. Personally, I liked Asa Buttefield the most and now that it is down to these other actors, I am not so sure how I feel anymore.

Whether Sony vs Marvel becomes an actual issue because of this seems highly unlikely. But, I would say a decision is going to be made soon and Sony will likely outweigh Marvel simply because of financial reasons. Whatever happens, Spider-man is set to debut in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR on May 6, 2016 with the new SPIDER-MAN movie slated for July 28, 2017.



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