Marvel announces cast of their Runaways series

As Marvel’s cinematic and TV canon grows more and more of its lesser known properties will begin to see the light. I mean, there’s only so much Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) people can handle and, hey, it worked for the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. One of those comic series getting their time on-screen is RUNAWAYS, a series about a group of young folk who realize their parents are a part of a group of baddies called “the Pride”. They then team up and discover they have powers and abilities themselves, using them to take down their parents. Marvel has officially announced the cast with their character descriptions, and they all look appropriately plucky. Let’s have a look!

Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder

A loud-and-proud nerd. Admittedly a bit of a loner, Alex spends much of his free-time playing video games, but deep down, what he wants most is to reunite his childhood group of friends.

Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru

Tough, intelligent, and independent–embodies teenage angst. A budding “Wiccan,” Nico’s carefully crafted goth appearance isolates her from her peers and family, but maybe what she really needs is someone to talk to.

Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean

Model-perfect exterior with a lot going on behind her professionally whitened smile, is burdened by the lofty expectations and responsibilities put upon her by her parents. Underneath her veneer of privilege and perfection, Karolina is experiencing a newfound eagerness to explore her identity and pursue her own desires.

Ariela Barer as Gert Yorkes

A purple-haired, bespectacled, contemporary riot grrrl. Never passing up a moment to stand on a soapbox, Gert sometimes wields her persona as a brash social justice warrior to mask her true feelings.

Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein

A lacrosse-playing, high school heartthrob. While many write him off as a dumb jock, Chase exhibits flashes of untapped brilliance in engineering, not unlike his wildly successful father’s.

Allegra Acosta as Molly Hernandez (changed from Molly Hayes in the comic)

The youngest and most innocent member of her friend group, is known for her peppy positivity and a deep yearning to belong.

Comic series creator Brian K. Vaughn has gone on to praise the cast saying:

I’m so excited for fans of the comic to watch this perfect cast of amazing actors, all of whom embody the spirit of their characters more than I ever could have imagined.

Other characters have popped up as the comic series has progressed, and could show up in later seasons if the show is a success. Fans of the Netflix Marvel shows like DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES (the producers of which will be working on RUNAWAYS, too) will have to start shelling out more dough if they want to see this show, though, as it will air on Hulu (which releases its episodes week-by-week, not all at once). This comes on the heels of casting for yet another Marvel show, CLOAK AND DAGGER, which will air on Freefrom. I’ll wait for you to Google what this is.

Welcome back. Well, like you, I can honestly say I don’t recognize this bunch young talent but any who’s willing to shell out some cash to watch the show on Hulu will become quite familiar soon enough. I don’t know if I will catch it, simply because it sounds like a CW teen drama that just so happens to be set in the Marvel universe. But if it looks amazing I may go back on that. On that note I say good luck to the young new cast…oh, and stay away from drugs. That’s something I hear people say.

The show is set for some time in 2018.

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