Marvel announces new Miles Morales-led comic book titled Spider-man

Well, the Marvel Universe is about to get a little confusing. Marvel recently concluded their Secret Wars event that ended their Ultimate comic series and introduced an all-new, streamlined and unified comics universe that they promise is permanent going forward (yeah, right). With many changes to the comics out there, some ending and some starting, one big change is that the new Marvel will feature not one, but two Spider-men.

Marvel.com revealed today that later this year, Miles Morales will headline the new Spider-man series. That's right, not Amazing or Spectacular, just Spider-man. Starting with issue #1, the new series will follow the events of Secret Wars and place Miles in a unique situation.

In this new universe, Miles Morales is "THE" Spider-man and a member of The Avengers. But, where in the Ultimate comic Peter Parker was dead, this new combined universe will feature a living Peter who serves as a mentor to Miles. The teaser image above also showcases both versions of Spider-man co-existing, which means we will see a world where there are two webslingers!

Marvel Studios has been desperately trying to find a new lead for SPIDER-MAN with Kevin Feige proclaiming over and over that it will be Peter Parker. Miles Morales has been a very popular character since his introduction and has long been rumored as a potential big screen character. Depending on how well this new combined universe is received, could we be far off from seeing two Spider-men on the big screen at the same time?

SPIDER-MAN hits theaters on July 28, 2017.

Source: Marvel.com



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