Marvel collaborated with Mondo to get it right with this IMAX poster for Iron Man 3

Many "poster artists" have been phoning (or 'shopping) it in lately. In fact, I just saw a poster for a film I am highly anticipating, and it was terrible. It 'shopped the characters out of a scene and into a completely different, more brightly lit place.

But then there are people who take poster art more seriously like the artists who do prints for Mondo. Studios have been slowly embracing the Mondo artists, but now Marvel has collaborated with one of them for the IRON MAN 3 IMAX poster. Jock, who has done posters for movies like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and DREDD put together something rather cool for the flick. It incorporates all of the suits taking flight.

If you hit up one of the midnight screenings at a participating theater near you, go pick up on these babies. Here is the list of theaters that will have the poster. Make sure to check out IRON MAN 3 on May 3rd!

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