Marvel Comics to name a new Captain America this Fall

As we have pondered the big screen future of Captain America in the wake of Chris Evans revealing his post-superhero film plans, Marvel Comics are moving forward with yet another "shocking" character recasting. In the recent pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA issue #21, events have led to Steve Rogers losing the super soldier serum that has kept him young and strong, resulting in rapid aging. The now frail, 90 year old Rogers can no longer wear the star-spangled uniform so a new hero will need to don the mantle of Captain America. But, who will it be?

Marvel has shared an interview with writer Rick Remender who explained what will happen to Steve Rogers for the next phase of the story, titled "The Tomorrow Soldier":

“He’s waging war from a room rather than the front lines, which is new for Steve,” said Remender. “Steve’s going to continue to play a role in the series as a mentor and tactician and eye in the sky, runing ops and things. He’s got all his faculties and is still the super soldier he earned the right to be called; he just lacks the physical form.”

There is a shortlist of characters who could become the next Captain America but odds are it will be partner Sam Wilson, aka Falcon. Falcon was played by Anthony Mackie in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. This is an intriguing choice because the long term contract given to Sebastian Stan seems to indicate the Bucky Barnes actor may take over from Chris Evans after AVENGERS 3, but this could also open the door for Mackie to be the first African American Captain.

Remender promises a lot of twists and a character betrayal leading up to the naming of the new Captain, but stay tuned for possible big screen implications. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER hits Blu-ray on September 9th.

Source: Marvel.com



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