Marvel possibilities

What Marvel characters have big screen potential?

That's the big question when it comes to the Disney/Marvel deal. They are being left to decide if characters like Iron Fist, Ant-Man, and Dr. Strange will appeal to the mainstream just as well as SPIDER-MAN.

With the $4.2 billion dollar bet they must feel pretty confident. Disney has to get people seriously excited about the rest of the Marvel universe to justify the price which is about $1.2 billion, or 40 percent, more than what Marvel's stock was worth when the deal was announced Aug. 31. At that price Disney will have to sell some more licensed merchandise and hope for some blockbusters.

Another question that arises is, which character will be the next big thing?

To those of us that do read comics, Iron Fist and Dr. Strange are just as awesome as IRON MAN. There are over 5,000 superheroes ready for their close up. Well, as long as they're done the right way. Disney should have no problem with this. The shares of the Mouse House have actually gone up 20% since the deal was revealed. The concern is that characters like Ant-Man are too obscure.

Obscure or not, some of the characters have really amazing stories. In the coming years more superheroes will be created as well. There are so many endless possibilities that Disney can't lose.

Extra Tidbit: As long as I get a Dr. Strange movie written by Brian K. Vaughn, everything will be okay.
Source: THR



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